Using the Steak Champ thermometer to make the perfect steak

If you like to make yourself a good steak every now and then, just like I do, you can go and take a Raspberry Pi and build yourself a full option steak thermometer that has eight temperature sensors, a touchscreen, a web server, Email notification and a fan cotroller for your barbecue, or instead, you can go and buy a steak thermometer that looks a bit simpler, but also has a lot of high-tech inside. ­čśë


In the past, I used to use the ‘Perfect Steaks and Roasts’ app when frying a steak. Using this app works well, if your steak keeps it’s size during frying, but if it raises while you are frying it (some haunch steaks e.g. just like to do), the recommended frying time from the app will get totally useless. To avoid this problem, you have to look for a more sophisticated tool that helps you to get the best result.

In general, using a thermometer and monitoring the core temperature of the meat is a good and well-known idea. But of course, it does not have to be an ordinary thermometer, it has to be a high-tech one like the Steak Champ steak thermometer. ­čÖé This thermometer does not have a normal display/gauge to show you the temperature, it has a multi-color LED that shows you the degree of the┬ádoneness of the steak. After activating the thermometer, the LED slowly flashes in green color. If it reaches ‘medium rare’, it starts to rapidly flash in green color. Same for ‘medium’ (yellow) and ‘medium well’ (red). If your desired degree of the┬ádonenes is reached, you have to get the steak out of the pan (or barbecue) and give it a rest until the rapid flashing of the LED stops. Then the making of the steak has finished and it’s ready to eat.

The battery inside the thermometer is promised to last for about 1000 steaks, then the thermometer will get useless. Changing the battery is not possible. If this is true, the price for the thermometer (about 45ÔéČ) is quite OK. This, time will tell. But for now, it’s time for a test…

A dry-aged steak from the local butcher:


Ready to be fried:


Time to turn it around:


It says ‘medium’, so give it a little rest and a portion of good steak pepper:


Yummy! ­čśÇ