Show your little treasures with an IKEA GUNNABO frame

I had two little boxes containing meteorites from Moon and from Mars (rocks from Moon and Mars that were ejected into space when the surface was hit by a meteorite and went into meteorites themselves that finally hit the Earth) on my desk for quite a while, but I was never really happy how they look like on the desk and how they collect the dust over time, so I was thinking of a better way to present them.

Knowing that the IKEA RIBBA frame is very popular among collectors of Lego figurines to display their collection,  I thought about using one of it to hold my two little boxes.

So, I went to my local IKEA store and had a look around the frame department. While I was actually looking for a RIBBA frame, I came across the new GUNNABO frame. This one is even more suitable for my purpose than the RIBBA frame and it is incredibly cheap, just 2.99€!

Together with a dim black cardboard as a background, on which I mounted the two little boxed with the help of double-sided adhesive tape which also can be removed without remaining traces, everything fits together just perfectly and it looks very nice and decent. Definitely a small eye-catcher and also a good protection from the dust. 🙂